Unleash Your Light.

 It’s time to stop playing small and embrace

your inherent power that comes from within.

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You don’t have to settle. 

You are being called to share your gifts with the world. It might feel impossible, you may be holding back, and it might not make sense yet, but there is a sacred inner voice longing to guide you.

To trust this voice is a decision to reclaim your most authentic power, navigate to a life beyond what your mind could imagine, and make your deepest impact in this world.

This is not a one time thing, this is a new way of living.

Hello, I am Leah Grace and am honored you are here…

I make my impact in the world by dedicating my life to helping you make your impact in the world.

To successfully do this I have developed multi-faceted approach, The Sacred State Methodcombining Transformational Coaching with Psychospiritual & Somatic Breathwork therapy.

In addition to working one on one with clients, I love facilitating workshops, retreats, breathwork ceremonies, and Individual intensives.

I am also Co-Leader of The Vitalist Psychospiritual School of Transformation,  The Wellness Collective and Women In Connection Networking group.  


Leah Grace, Psychospiritual and somatic therapist 

My mission is to empower you to break unconscious survival patterns and connect you to your inner voice, clarity, wisdom and power that guides you to your most authentic & potent self.

Through releasing trauma, perceptions and beliefs, you will reclaim your sacred state of alignment. 

Michael and Leah make a powerhouse team. Through their Sacred State program, they blend compassion and insight with proven methodology and responsive communication. I had been struggling to see my own personal barriers and had refused to recognize the significance of what was really holding me back from being my best self. Working through the Sacred State Method, I was able to bring forward some of my biggest obstacles in just a few short weeks. I now have a greater understanding and appreciation for what my true authentic self looks like and tools I’m still using with confidence for continued success in my home and my business. If you are looking to take that step forward in seeking your full potential then I highly recommend the complimentary consultation. I am amazed at the impact I have been able to make in my life that started with just that one phone call.

-Natalie Cairns

Dear Leah, 

I felt the need to email you and let you know that even a year later I am experiencing so many dramatic shifts. My work with you is still having such an amazing impact on my life. So many amazing things going on and I am meditating every morning. Just wanted to let you know. Stay tuned the best is yet to come. I have my moments but I have learned from the best to lean in and utilize self love. XOXOXO

– Annette

This has been an amazing growth experience in such a short time.

I have really enjoyed this whole process. What it brought up for me is my tendency to forget to value myself and that the first thing I end up letting go is my daily practice to take care of other things.

Module 4 was such an inspiring and meaningful session and I took so much away from it. My trigger is my children fighting, arguing, and not listening. So to be able to create a new pattern in how I approach the times they are not getting along is going to be epic!! 

It has been amazing to see the impact this has had on our family and with my ability to honor myself. 

It has been amazing to see the impact of what we have incorporated into our family time and how the girls are valuing our family practice. They ask every night to do family yoga and meditation and then encourage us to do it even when we are tired. 

– Holly Inscore

Working With Leah Grace

With over 20 years of experience, Leah created the Sacred State Method to help you reclaim your deepest truths and authentic potential. 

Through combining strategic coaching, neuroscience, breathwork, somatic therapy and cutting edge trauma theory, Leah’s unique way of working guides you through rapid and effective transformation. As a long-standing expert in this work, Leah Grace is dedicated to creating experiences that build a toolbox that leaders can use for the rest of their lives.  

Leah Grace is certified through many coaching and healing schools, to hear her story click below.